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Treatment of diseases by ELECTRICITY with Voldemar Ragel’s method! To do this it is necessary:
  1. To restore the electric charge in the cell of the human body .
2. The body fluids to give the properties of electrically charged electrolyte , the electrolyte like a car battery .
3. To restore functions of the body — the nervous, cardiovascular, hematopoietic, endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems.
4. To allow own stem cells to divide, move, replace diseased cells in the organs and systems without a transplantation.
   i e. to create the conditions in which the patient becomes his own donor, treats himself by his own stem cells .

 The discovery of stem cells is on a par with such great achievements of mankind, as the discovery of the double helix of the DNA chain. The term «stem cell» was first used by the Russian hematologist A.A.Maksimov in 1908. In the 60 years of the twentieth century, Soviet scientists A.Fridenstein and I.Chertkov had laid the foundations of the science of stem cells in the bone marrow.
          Only 20 years after bone marrow transplantation became a medical practice. Currently, studies how embryonic stem cells and adult cells are actively conducted in developed countries. Particularities of stem cell is not their specialization. They are the precursors of cells of all organs and tissues during fertilization, which make up the cells of other types: skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, hematopoietic, endocrine, lymphatic, immune and other systems. In fact stem cells — a «repair crew,» which flows into the problem areas, replace the damaged cells of the patients. Stem cells are found in all organs and tissues of the body, but the concentration is found in the bone marrow, embryo liver. Due to its ability to be converted into any tissue, the stem cells can be used to treat a huge number of diseases.
    How is the treatment of diseases with stem cells today?
Modern medicine for the treatment of diseases with stem cells uses — transplantation. Cells are taken from a donor or artificially grown.
   Approximately it look as follows:



       With the use of electric drill a hole is drilled in the femoral or iliac bone, where there is the greatest mass of bone marrow and a needle with a wide lumen and a half to two hours pumped from 500 to 1000 milliliters of a mixture of bone marrow. The resulting bone marrow is treated removing blood and bone fragments.
After several days of operation the donor is placed in a special hospital under supervision of a physician, the amount taken from the donor bone marrow is recovered within three to four weeks.
Finding an absolutely healthy person who could be a bone marrow donor — the problem is complicated, linked with painful procedure, performed under general anesthesia.
  Extracted, processed in the laboratories, the stem cells go back into the patient’s body, facing a number of complications. Most of them are not fully universal; they can grow only in cells of the tissue from which they were taken. The reasons for this are still unclear. In addition, the procedure is expensive, complicated and not reliable, because of incompatible tissue rejection often with fatal outcome.
       By administering the stem cells, there  is a struggle «transplant against host,» as the old bone marrow, although sick, resists the new bone marrow, the resistance of old bone marrow suppressed — steroid hormones, anticancer drugs, immunosuppressive agents, the chances of survival were about 42% .
With such an unreliable and inefficient stem cell treatment, the cost of treatment is high, for example — bone marrow transplant clinics in foreign countries varies from 70 to 450 thousand U.S. dollars, in Turkey — 70 million, in South Korea — 80 -100 thousand In Israel — up to 200 thousand in the United States — 450 thousand in Germany — 250 million euros, in Russia — 100 thousand euros.
 Not only one has to pay for the surgery, but the procedure for the preparation of the bone marrow for the transplant. In Russia, the bone marrow from the donor costs 50 thousand rubles., Preparation of stem cells for transplant — also 50 thousand now.
         Only one course of chemotherapy in Israel costs more than 10 thousand, and the selection and preparation of the donor — not less than 50 thousand dollars.
        Russia does not have its stem cell banks, therefore, ready product for operations is bought from abroad, 70 percent of patients who did not receive medical care because of the inability to find a compatible donor.

Instead of the method above, the author has found a direct way: the patient becomes his own donor, heals himself by his own stem cells.
The main directions of the following:

Timely renewal of the cellular composition is essential to the health and longevity of each person. The younger the organism, the more powerful features of its restoration, because he has greater supply of their own stem cells. Own stem cells are not infected with viruses, are resistant to infection by nature have a margin of safety for all severe cases of the body, and persist throughout life. They are of all ages, just in time the quality and quantity to restore the body is markedly reduced. From this sicknesses, ageing, death. To activate the mechanism of the multiplication of its own stem cells in the human body without transplantation and their consecutive transferring to the sick organs and systems, the following should take place:
      1.Renewal of the electric charge in the cell of the human body.
      2.Ensure that liquid medium of the human body is electrically charged as an electrolyte car battery.
     3.Recover the function of the nervous, cardiovascular, hematopoietic, endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems.
    4. Only in this case, it is possible to promote one’s own stem cells to diseased organs, systems, to restore function.
    Practice shows that the shortage of electrical potential in the cell is the primary cause of the occurrence of fatigue, uncomfortable condition of the body and the appearance of diseases.
      The story of my method to dates from the 60-ies of XX century. Big sport was left because of injuries. I had too much problems with my health. No relief occurred whichever physicians treated me. Undertook to heal itself. By that time, there were various publications using electric current instead of needles on the Chinese method — electropuncture. I made up some procedure of relevant  treatment, but it did not help.
      Abandoned the classical techniques, left on «armed» only with electric current. On itself by  probes and errors was developed a “new method” of treatment. Self-medication allowed me to create an original methodology and technology, the device with which I healed myself, my  friends, who are not able to be successfully treated and cured by conventional medicine.
         The device consisted of a flat battery flashlight design 60 years of the twentieth century, an ammeter and two electrodes. One electrode was placed in the palm of your hand, the second in the form of needles work on the active points of the body. Once when repairing the medical apparatus, took the passive electrode in the mouth. And I saw the changes in the readings of the instrument, the ammeter needle deviated sharply to the right, during normal operation this was not observed. Since then the place has become a passive electrode instead of the palm of the mucous membrane of the mouth, and the active electrode handles painful zones without biologically active points. As it turned out, through the oral mucosa I went to the stem cells of the body, it was 50 years ago.
      The effectiveness of the location of the passive electrode on the oral mucosa confirmed in 2011 by Israeli scientists, published in the journal Stem Cells, August 26, 2011, the stem cells of the mouth:
   «Eternal Youth» of stem cells of oral mucosa: a new «revolution» or a real chance? «
    The method works on a constant electric current — voltage from 2.5 to 36., Current up to 600 mA. Author of the method took part in the International Forum «Archimedes-2002» (Moscow),  attended by 15 countries: the U.S., Japan, Korea, Russia, etc.
By the Decision of the International Jury, the author of the method was awarded a Diploma and a Gold Medal for the development «method of electrotherapy by V.D.Ragel.»

The author, as the inventor of a patent:
1. Patent number 2045286 for the invention «Method and apparatus for electrotherapy by V.D.Ragel for its implementation,» 1991.
2. Patent number 2403072 for the invention «Method of Voldemar Ragel — electrotherapy for the man» in 2006.
3. Patent number 81896 for utility model «electrotherapy device by V.D.Ragel»  2008.

I am introducing the apparatus created by the author to launch stem cells:

Manually operated apparatus 

     Automatic apparatus


Electromechanical device

                            Combined apparatus                                       

In 1986-89. method has been clinically tested in hospitals of the city of Leningrad:
The clinic vascular surgery number 2, Acad. Pavlov first Leningrad Medical Institute.
In the first clinic of nervous diseases of Acad. Pavlov first Leningrad Medical Institute.
In the City Hospital № 4. Karl Marx (now the Hospital of the Holy Great Martyr George) of Leningrad.
114 people were treated, the effectiveness of treatment ranged from 90.5% to 92.5%, adverse effects have not been witnessed. General Directorate of Health of the city of Leningrad sent a medical history of patients with obliterative processes of the lower extremities and radicular pain treated with electrotherapy by V.D.Ragel for review at the Leningrad Sanitary — Hygienic Medical Institute named after II Mechnikov to the chair of nervous diseases. A group of scientists Department of Nervous Diseases Medical Institute of 7 people reviewed the medical records and concluded that «the result — positive.» Signed Head. Department of Nervous Diseases of the Leningrad Sanitary-Hygienic Medical Institute, MD Professor P.G.Lekar. The tests of the method were very difficult.
With the positive results of trials of treatment of neurological patients in 92.5% disagreed chief neurologist of Leningrad professor A.A.Skoromets.
     To dispel doubts A.A.Skoromtsa, came to help my patients — the staff of the Leningrad Scientific — Production Association «Red Dawn.» I was invited to work in the Union, created the «Health Center» for the treatment of patients with workers of the enterprise equipment and technique created by the author. With the assistance of the Leningrad Scientific-Production Association «Red Dawn», based on the Hospital. Marx number 4 (now the Great Martyr St. George’s Hospital, St. Petersburg) have created a medical team of 15 people, various specializations to verify the effectiveness of the method. Retrieved 84 people treated by the method V.D.Ragel, the positive effect amounted to 90.5% of the cases not desirable effects have been identified.
        Plant «Red Dawn» had big plans for the development of the method envisaged to create a capacity of patients receiving 200-250 people a day. The perestroika has destroyed all plans, the method has not become available to the general public.
On the basis of tests of the method, the Chief of the Office of the Medical Council of Health of the city of. Leningrad, March 28, 1991, deecided:
 “Recognize … the proposed «method of electrotherapy V.D.Ragel useful for use in health care settings,» which made it possible to get the name of the Russian patent: «Method and apparatus for electrotherapy V.D.Ragel and its implementation.»
     What is the role of V.D.Ragel method to restore health using their own stem cells?
1. There is no need to transplant stem cells from the body, recycle, re-introduced into the patient body — the result is the following:
2. There is no need — to operate and amputate limbs in endarteritis disease (atherosclerosis) vessels.
3. No need to — replace the artificial hip joints at disease coxarthrosis.
4. No need to — replace the other joints, for example. knee, elbow …
5. There is no need — to operate the intervertebral hernia.
6. No need to — do surgery in inflammatory processes of the liver, lung, pancreas, thyroid, etc.
7. No need to — bone marrow transplant for cancer.
  Starting the mechanism’s own stem cells to problem areas is possible only when restoring the electric charge in the cell of the human body by the method V.D.Ragel.
     The effectiveness of the method is confirmed by a 50-year practical work of the author. In my track record of nearly 3,000 patients and 123 disease. The list of diseases can be increased many times since the method treats not only one body, but also the whole body. The author is convinced, through practical examples prove that there is no incurable diseases, only delay the treatment. In my practice, were not considered as complex treatable diseases like ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, myopathy, osteomyelitis, liver cirrhosis, occlusive disease, atherosclerosis of the lower limbs, etc., where excellent results. Here is some examples:
 1. Appeal of the Academician Natalya Petrovna Behtereva to the author of the method:
April 3rd, 1991 received a letter from the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Academician Natalya Petrovna Behtereva with a request to the treatment of the patient ¬ B. SV with a diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis.
Comment by patient «was sick 24 years old, had been treated in many medical institutions of the Soviet Union, Israel, attended by specialists of traditional medicine. By disease each year did not work for 2-3 months, proposals for treatment were mostly to  surgical intervention, but without guarantee. The results of treatment by the method of VD Ragel I appreciate very high. There was flexibility spinal column, pain went away, I do not notice fatigue, and most importantly — no need to use medicines or any other treatment. «
Comment Academician Natalya Petrovna Behterevoj:
«As for the patient, the result is a good estimate.»
Author’s comment: «It is not often Academician Natalya Petrovna Bechtereva addresses with such questions to the inventor. The fact that this patient was the son of her childhood friend of Natalia Petrovna. Natalya Petrovna was concerned in its treatment,  therefore, appealed to the author of the method.
 2. Masseur of «Zenith» soccer team — the champion of the USSR in 1984, Victor A. (2010, St. Petersburg), had problems with urethra, the catheter is not passingl, identify oncology prostate cancer, surgery is prescribed. The urine is derived from the abdominal cavity. Called: «What to do? The answer is: Come, have time to cut! After 10 days, the prostate gland, «opened», the urine went on her «dear», has recovered physically, went to work, a massage therapist. Analysis has shown that there is no cancer, PSA 0.277, as in 40 years, the patient is 73 old.
The prostate gland has recovered by 94%.
 3. Reinis boy 8 years (2011, Latvia), the diagnosis — spinal amiopatiya.
Complete loss of motor functions, immobilized, wear it on your hands. On admission to treatment was moving just your fingers. Six-week work has allowed the boy to sit on their own without support. Subsequent work showed that the boy alone can hold in your hand a spoon, began to show muscle tone. The boy’s condition after electrotherapy method by V.D.Ragel — noticeably improved, this shows that the total immobility is slowly disappearing, began to appear reflexes, reduced overall metabolism, it is hoped to deal with the disease, will be able to get on his feet, but with these children need work hard.
4. 9 year old boy Sasha, now he is 35 years old — graduated, working production foreman. (1987, St. Petersburg), the diagnosis of osteomyelitis. Underwent four operations, was to be the fifth partial replacement of the thighs, to solve the problems of the disease. Especially in 1987 from Moscow invited renowned pediatric surgeon, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Girai Alievich Bairov. Only the method by V.D.Ragel saved the boy from senseless operations, enabled him to acquire and enjoy a full life.
5. Commended the method gave foreign experts, including: Doctor of Medicine, Professor Ottomar Trents, Zurich (1999, Switzerland) and a doctor of medicine, professor Criss kretek, Melbourne (1999, Australia) confirmed that in 1999 the author of his method rescued miner (Australia) leg from amputation, a former patient is now working in the mine.
6. Dmitry 25 years (1993, Germany). The master of sports of international class in weightlifting. In 1993 he addressed a severe knee injury. 7 months was treated in Germany, at the Military Medical Academy named after SM Kirov in Leningrad, the improvement does not occur. In addition to recovery of the knee, performed restorative therapy of the whole organism. Dmitry writes: «Thanks to the treatment method by V.D.Ragel became a member of the European Championships, World and Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996). Results of treatment is surprising softness in the joints, looseness, high efficiency improvement of overall health, it has become easier to train significantly reduced the time regeneration after training loads, as if thrown off for at least 5 years.
   Fifty, the author’s method has allowed to create the possibility of treating the disease is considered untreatable in the world of medical practice. I believe that the method should take its rightful place alongside other treatments for the benefit of the people.
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   Ragel Valdemar Dominikovich inventor, author of the method: Grand Doctor of Philosophy in the field of alternative medicine and healing. Full professor of. Academician of Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts. Honorary Master of Sports in weightlifting.








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