Lie and Truth about Voldemar Ragel’s method!!!

Провокационная подстроенная ложь химической атаки чтоб опорочить Россию!

Рагель Вальдемар «АППАРАТ по Электрификации крови — перезарядки мембран раковых клеток»

Электричество методу Рагеля В.Д.побеждает бесплодие!

Видео документального «Леннаучкинофильма». «НЕ НАВРЕДИ» режиссера Л.А.Лазаревой 1988 год.


Решение Медицинского Совета от 28 марта 1991 года протокол № 3 направили в гор. Москва во Всесоюзный научно-исследовательский институт Государственной Патентной экспертизы (ВНИИГПЭ) где автору выдали именной патент № 2045286 на изобретение: «Способ электротерапии В.Д.Рагеля и устройство для его осуществления».

В списке автора 125 болезни, список можно продолжить, но нет смысла – фундаментом любого нарушения лежит восстановление электрического заряда в клетке организма человека, итак:  Онкология. ВИЧ. СПИД. Астма бронхиальная. Артрит, артроз суставов. Анорексия. Болезнь  Бехтерева. Болезнь Крона. Болезнь паркинсона. Гангрена. Гепатит, цирроз печени. Депрессия. Женское и мужское бесплодие. Миеломная болезнь. Миопатия. Нервная, сосудистая, кроветворная, эндокринная, лимфатическая, иммунная системы. Облитерирующий эндартериит нижних конечностей. Панкреатит. Простатит. Подагра. Рассеянный склероз. Различные спортивные травмы. Сахарный диабет. Хронический остеомиелит. Шизофрения. Эпилепсия. Язвенный колит кишечника и многие другие…  

There’re 125 illnesses in the list of the author. List could be extended but it makes no sense — the foundation of every disease is recovery of an electric charge in the body cell. So on:  Oncology. HIV. AIDS. Asthma is bronchial. Arthritis, arthrosis of joints. Anorexia. Bechterew’s disease. Crohn’s disease. Parkinson’s disease. Gangrene. Hepatitis, cirrhosis. Depression. Female and male infertility. Myeloma disease. Myopathy. Nervous, vascular, hematopoietic, endocrine, lymphatic and immune systems. Obliterating endarteritis of the lower extremities. Pancreatitis. Prostatitis. Gout. Multiple sclerosis. Various sports injuries. Diabetes. Chronic osteomyelitis. Schizophrenia. Epilepsy. Ulcerative colitis of the intestine and many others…

«Внутреннее электричество тела человека — Бог жизни, Бог здоровья! Мало электричества в теле человека — БОЛЕЗНИ, нет электричества — ЛЕТАЛЬНЫЙ ИСХОД» — Вольдемар Рагель!

“Internal body electricity — God of life, God of health! Little electricity in the body of human — ILLNESSES, no electricity — DEATH” — Voldemar Ragel!

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                           Lie and Truth about Voldemar Ragel’s method 

   Invented by me more than half a century ago the Method of treatment of diseases by one’s ownc stem cells without transplantation is protected by patents, awarded by the Diploma and the Gold medal of Fifth Moscow international Salon of industrial property «Arkhimed-2002», with 15 world countries taking part: USA, Japan, Korea, Russia … However to this day the Method, extremely efficient, safe, reliable, cheap and simple, is not introduced in daily practice neither in medical institutions of Russia, nor abroad.

Physicians began to protest against application of the Method since the moment of my first attempts to issue the patent for the invention after seventeen years of its use in home conditions for treatment of myself, my relatives, friends who could not be helped by official medicine. It became clear that for execution of the patent it is necessary to carry out clinical medical tests of the offered Method.

The first clinical tests I carried out at the facilities of the 1st Leningrad Ac.Pavlov Medical institute , in the sector of vascular surgery, headed by the manager of clinic, chief angiosurgeon of the city of Leningrad, twice the winner of the State award of the USSR, doctor of medical sciences, Professor L. V. Lebedev.

Tests were carried out in the most harsh conditions as the heads of clinic picked up for an experiment the patients with such pathology that the results of treatment were doomed to near zero, so that afterwards they could easily reject the Method and its inventor. Among the patients happened to be some legless and armless persons,though under the terms of tests the patients had to be without the destructive changes; some had theirs limbs affected with gangrene and ulcers, all had a set of the associated diseases complicating treatment process, some already were in an incurable stage. And nevertheless after the procedures the participants of tests were satisfied with results. Nine people out of fifteen showed the considerable improvement, and five of them could recovered at the point to avoid a surgical intervention (from reconstruction to amputation). The method of electrotreatment showed what in the absence of trophic changes on the limbs has this kind of therapy is considerably more effective in comparison with other types of conservative treatment. The same conclusions were drawn by Prof. L. V. Lebedev, estimating process of treatment of vascular patients: «Assessment of the Method of V. D. Ragel is satisfactory». The Act of 02.07.1987 stated: «The method of an electrotherapy of V. D. Ragel may be included in an arsenal of numerous ways for treatment of this category of patients».

In clinic of nervous diseases the program of tests was arranged by Prof. A. A. Skoromets, chief neuropathologist of the city of Leningrad, but he did not intended to follow the terms of contract. Instead of patients with discogenic lumbosacral radiculitis of the 1st and 2nd stages the patients with heavy chronic processes moving by means of crutches entered into group, six of them needed backbone surgery. Contrary to the terms of the contract the examinees were placed in the common chambers by 12-14 people, which  consequently lead to unhealthy situation among patients and staff. The reason was clear: to lie near patients who hardly move on crutches, suffer from the severe pains, do not sleep, threatened by surgical intervention. One patient is treated by «right» (from the point of view of physicians) methods, but it does not help the patient, and the neighbor is treated by «illiterate» (from the point of view of physicians) by «autodiduct», but «experimental patient» in the short notice ceases to take anesthetizing drugs, sleeps perfectly, without surgery, rejects crutches, prepares to be writted off for work without additional rehabilitation.

The more positive results were in group of examinees, the more hostile was becoming the attitude of medical staff towards the autor of the Method, which discredited the authority of the «right» medicine in the eyes of the patients. Hostility of doctors reached such degree that reached a manhandling – two doctors tried to put up a fight with the autor of the method in order to break clinical tests. (This fact is recorded in the
verbatim record of Medical Council of Head Department of Health care of the city of Leningrad of October 18, 1988, page 64.)

From junior medical staff, on the contrary, the author had respect and friendly support; they rejoiced, seeing as heavy patients became independent, and gave to the author an opportunity to copy records from a case history of examinees. These copies played a crucial role in the course of the statement of the Method subsequently.

 As improvement of health of patients of group was visual and objective, Prof. A. A. Skoromets began to try to discover shortcomings of treatment process. He didn’t liked  duration of a session which makes 1-1,5 hours that the complete treatment requires 30-40 sessions (and it were patients with the 3rd and 4th stage of a disease) that current intensity is rather big, that the needle is too sharp, that it is difficult for patient to lie in one pose … I answered these claims that if I take his remarks into consideration, then it will be very convenient and pleasant to all, but it will not be possible to cure the patient, and the Method will be useless. The main claim to me as to the inventor, was that I have no vocational higher medical education, therefore he recommended to include a name of the consultant-coauthor in the application for obtaining the patent, the person with the higher medical education, otherwise, supposedly, «they will not approve the method«. He directly did not call himself as the candidate for a co-authorship, but, having heard my flat refusal of any co-authorship, kept the word – gave the negative assessment to clinical tests of the Method.

And that despite the fact: fourteen patients out of fifteen were written out from the clinic with the record in their case: «Working capabilities restored». One patient in the beginning of the trials was presented with wrong diagnosis (tumor of the spine brain) and was transferred to other hospital, she couldn’t be included in test group and even less in the final report but the phisisians wished to show less score of positive results.

 The Method was discredited because Prof. A. A. Skoromets was interested not in studying the treatment technique,  new to him, but was seeking the ways to discredit the Method. In the protocol No. 14 of 26.01.1988. Following the results of tests it is told: «For treatment of patients with spondilogenny lumbosacral radiculitis there are many methods of complex therapy which give much more quick and best effect, including procedures based on application of a direct current. The offered method of V. D. Ragel does not bring anything new to treatment of patients with spondilogenny lumbosacral radiculitis, is inexpedient to recommend it for introduction in medical practice and the scientific argument of nervous diseases».

 If these words corresponded to the truth, then in group of examinees there would be no six patients supposed to undergo surgery. They stayed three times in this clinic and in the other hospitals, however without results, and after performing treatment by my Method they started to live and work.

   10 months of later, on October 28, 1988, the meeting of Medical Council of the city Health care administration took place, where the results of clinical tests of the Method of electrotreatment on V. D. Ragel were discussed.

The associate professor of an angiologist A. G. Vinogradov shortly told about how passed tests in clinic of vascular surgery, gave examples of treatment of heavy patients, noted positive takes and read an extract from the conclusion confirming effectiveness of the Method of electrotreatment.

Prof. A. A. Skoromets intervened after it, but, unlike the colleague, did not list the cured patients, did not confirm the number of leaves for work without problems in the backbones and legs, without crutches and the subsequent rehabilitation. Instead he showed the photo of a back of the patient enlarged by 22 times and told the following (I quote the shorthand report):

   «… After the first procedure there are multiple burns from a strupikama. One has more, another has less, but patients get constant burns … And when fifteen patients were treated, considering these burns, it is difficult to recommend the procedure. <…>; As we see, there is nothing life-threatening for patient and nevertheless there is no expediency for further application of the Method. <…>; To carry out scientific justification of the Method, it is required that the Method  was les destructive for the patient and rather efficient. I did not see either that, or another …
Question: What about these points about which you talk? Were there complications?
Skoromets A. A.: Burns disappear. With some patients earlier, in some cases later.

Yudin V. B.: Voldemar Dominikovich saved my legs from amputation, and I am standing before you. <…>; Sorry, I will show you the picture, magnified 22 times as it was made by esteemed Prof. A. A. Skoromets, let’s increase it by 50 times, there will be not only burns, there will be craters there.

 Chairman: For today you consider Voldemar Dominikovich’s technique that technique which has to be applied on an equal basis with other techniques, or you consider it the best of those which are applied today? 

     Yudin V. B.: «One of the best. Has huge advantage»

  At the hall there were people cured by V. D. Ragel’s Method, they wanted to intervene, tell about the Method, about the experience, but did not given the floor. The chairman closed a meeting.
Enemies of introduction of the Method of electrotreatment triumphed. But only for a while.
Case histories of the treated neurologic patients were directed to department of nervous diseases of the Leningrad Ac. Mechnikov Sanitary and hygienic medical institute. His employees carefully studied all documents and came to a conclusion that the Method offered by me can be used in clinical practice. The corresponding Conclusion of 20.04.1989 signed by the head of the department of nervous diseases of institute the doctor of medical sciences, Prof. P. G. Lekar, was sent to City Health administration.
 Prof. A. A. Skoromets was ashamed, his conclusions deemed inconsistent.
Clinical tests took place under constant public attention of the city, journalists of newspapers and television. Lennauchfilm film Studio in 1988 shot the movie «Do Not Harm» in which the director L. A. Lazareva showed «deadly fight» of official medicine and the inventor, fitter of the Leningrad Baltic Shipyard V. D. Ragel, a fair assessment was given to A. A. Skoromts’s «actions». However professor did not lay down arms and continued to put obstacles on the way of introduction of the Method to practice. 

     On December 21, 2006 in the House of education of St. Petersburg the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences A. A. Skoromets gave a lecture upon termination of which I asked him a question when it is possible to check the state of health of participants of clinical tests by my Method which was carried out in clinic of nervous diseases on the remote results 18 years ago? The participants of tests who are present at the hall were shocked, having heard in reply: «No checks will be made because there is no such method, and will never be».
Unfortunately, this impudent misinformation of the academician of A.A. Skoromts was supported by the staff of Head Department of Health care of the city of St. Petersburg in the person of the vice-chairman of Healthcare Committee O. A. Grinenko. In the letter of 20.12.2007 No. 09-2-29/02-1476 is reported that at the request of the vice governor L. A. Kasatkina the letter with request for application of the Method of an electrotherapy of V. D. Ragel is considered by Healthcare Committee: «We report that according to relevant provisions the new method of treatment is allowed to use in medical practice after carrying out clinical tests, on the basis of official permission of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation to its application. The method of reflexotherapy offered by V. D. Ragel did not pass clinical tests».

    Тhe text of this letter raises a set of questions, unclear as to regard it: whether as lack of information and incompetence of officials, whether as manifestation of a lie and impudence, whether as unwillingness to penetrate into a problem\s essence, whether as desire to offend the author by the ambiguous formal reply, whether inability distinctly and competently to state one’s thoughts …
To begin with the fact that very long time ago the All-Union Research Institute of the State Patent Examination (ВРИИГПЭ) (Moscow) granted to the author the personalized patent for the invention «A way of an electrotherapy of V. D. Ragel and the device for its exercise». It would not happen if the author did not carry out a series of clinical tests of the Method. To be convinced of it, O. A. Grinenko had to get acquainted with the Decision of Medical Council of Head Department of Health care of Executive committee of Leningrad Soviet of March 28, 1991. In it there are data that clinical tests of the Method of V. D. Ragel were passed by 114 people during 1986-1990 in four medical institutions of the city of Leningrad that
confirms the Protocol No. 3:

  «On the basis of the conclusions of an angiosurgeon of Management of Health care of the city of Leningrad, the head of the department of surgical diseases No. 2 of the 1st Leningrad Academician Pavlov medical institute, the chief angiosurgeon of the city of Leningrad, the doctor of medical sciences, twice the winner of the State award of the USSR, Prof. L. V. Lebedev, the head of the department of nervous diseases of the Leningrad Ac. Mechnikov Sanitary and hygienic medical institute, the doctor of medical sciences, Prof. Lekar of P.G., group of experts of the Municipal hospital No. 4 of Karl Marx: to recognize the offered way of an electrotherapy of V. D. Ragel as useful to be applied in the treatment and prevention facilities.

Signed by: Chairman of Medical Council, deputy chief of Head Department of Health care of Executive committee of Leningrad Soviet A. V. Borisova. Secretary of Medical Council, inspector-doctor S. A. Melnikov».

     The more time had to give to treatment of patients, the more persistently I considered, as if to improve the device for treatment to facilitate the work and to accelerate process of restitution of an organism of the patient. I sought to develop structure of the automatic device which could provide simultaneous synchronous electric impact on larger affected areas of a body, restoring the broken harmony of work of cells.
My former patients helped me to implement this idea. The new device automatic machine replaced with itself the tiny dot-ridden device. By means of the automatic machine it is possible to influence nervous, vascular, hemopoietic, endocrine, lymphatic, immune systems, to cure a serious illness, such as an oncology, HIV. AIDS, female and male infertility, Bekhterev’s disease, hepatitis and cirrhosis, arthritis and arthrosis of joints, sports injuries, depression, anorexia, schizophrenia, gout, ulcer colitis of intestines, Crohn’s disease and many others.

  According to the Decision of the International Jury of the Arkhimed-2002 exhibition (Moscow) the inventor is awarded by the Diploma and the Gold medal «For development «A way of an electrotherapy by V. D. Ragel».
If all this is not enough for use of the invention for the benefit of the people of the country, then O. A. Grinenko should compose not the formal reply, and to address to the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation with inquiry and the offer to introduce V. D. Ragel’s Method in practice of medical institutions in all territory of Russia then to sell the patent abroad because the mastered invention is worthy to be awarded the Nobel Prize.

  *** The author from medicine does not pay an attention to hostility and indifference of officials, and continues explanatory work among the population and Internet users, having opened characteristic website:
In materials of this website the curious reader will find the description of the Method and the recommendation for its use in home conditions. Handymen make devices by using a crude methods and successfully apply them. For creation of professional devices-automatic machines it has to seek funds through charity foundations. Persons interested to take part in it can transfer funds onto  cards: USD No. 4276 5500 5672 2161; rubles – No. 6390 0255 9023 4819 87.

Yours faithfully, Voldemar Dominikovich Ragel, Honourable Master of Sports of the USSR in weightlifting, inventor, author of the Method, doctor of medicine, doctor of medical equipment, Professor, participant of the World Scientific Congress at UN Headquarters (Geneva, September, 2016).

28.04.2017. St. Petersburg.


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