Restoration of Ruppert Ralf, 5 years old.

Restoration of Ruppert Ralf, 5 years old.


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Excuse me, this translation is made by the translator-machine, mistakes and semantic distortions are possible. Details in Russian:
Parents of the boy of city of Liepaya Latvia, fearing for health of their boy have made  an examination. The diagnosis: Мiopatya (an atrophy of muscles). In May, 2006 have addressed to doctors of city of Riga (Latvia) because the boy in the age of 3,5 years did not run, did not jump, hardly walked upstairs. After examination doctors have diagnosed a dystrophy of muscles on Duchenne.
The parent were told that illness is not curable, illness will progress: muscles will weaken and to not develop, there will be pains in legs, and the kid cannot soon go at all. The official INFORMATION from the Internet: » Muscular dystrophy Duchenne — one of the heaviest and quickly progressing forms. By 12 years of patients usually lose ability to move, and by 20 years the majority of them perishes». The computer-diagnostic analysis of a condition of an organism under 130 entries was carried out.
As a result of computer inspection it is established: in 112 cases there are functional decrease in work in bodies and systems. From them in 5 there are pathological changes, in 23 strong decrease in function, in 84 cases functional capacity of bodies is lowered.
The electric charge in a cell is absent.

               Pathological changes are present in:

1.the body.
2. in the skeleton.
3. in the belly cavity.
4. In the left kidney.
5. Environments of a spinal cord.

         Strong functional decrease in

1. In the Thorax.
2. Urine ducts bodies.
3. Thick intestines.
4. In a wall of a thick gut.
5. In the wall of a rectum.
6. The left lung.
7.A pulmonary tissue.
8. Urethra.
9. In the prostate gland.
10. To a urethra.
11. The right ball.
12. A bone marrow.
13. Blood cells.
14. Thyroid and паращитовидной железах.
15. Cells epithelial body.
16. The right adrenal gland
17. The left adrenal gland.
18. Cells posterior pituitary.
19. Spinal nerves on the right.
20. The left eyeball.
21. To a wall of an eyeball.
22. To a chromosome of group. «I».
23. To a chromosome group. «C».

          Function is lowered in:

1. Bodies of a small basin on the right.
2. Bodies of a small basin at the left.
3. in the head.
4. In the back wall of a stomach.
5.In the wall of a stomach.
6. pancreas-duodenal zone in front.7
. pancreas-duodenal  zone behind.
8.  Dodecadactylon.
9. Tissues of a pancreas.
10. Small intestines.
11. In the wall of a small gut.
12. In therectum.
13. A liver.
14. A bilious bubble.
15. In the wall of a bilious bubble.
16. A face-to-face cut of a head.
17. Tracheas and bronchial tubes.
18. Throats.
19. To a neck.
20. A cross-section cut of a bronchial tube.
21.To the right kidney.
22. A bladder.
23. To a wall of a bladder.
24. Spermatozoid.
25. A cross-section cut of heart.
26. Vessels of a forward wall of heart.
27. Vessels of a back wall of heart.
28. Veins of the right shin.
29. Veins of the left shin.
30. Nerves.
31. Arterial vessels.
32. Venous vessels.
33. Lymphocyte.
34. Monocyte.
35. Neutrofile.
36. Thymus gland.
37. Mediastenia of lymphatic vessels.
38. Langhergance islands.
39. In the thyroid gland.
40. Hypothalamus kernels.
41. A hypophysis.
42. An intermediate part of a hypophysis.
43. Neurohypophysis.
44. Spinal nerves at the left.
45. A back brain.
46. The big brain from above.
47. The big brain on the right.
48. A medial surface of a brain on the right.
49. A medial surface of a brain at the left.
50. Ventricle of the brain on the right.
51. Ventricle of the brain at the left.
52. Ventricle of the brain from above.
53. The cross-section of a brain at a level of a trunk.
54. In the a web environment of a brain at a level of a trunk.
55. The right eyeball.
56. Optic nerves.
57. The right ear.
58. The left ear.
59. The right humeral joint.
60. The left humeral joint.
61. The right elbow joint.
62. The left elbow joint.
63. Right tibia’s joint.
64. Left tibia’s joint.
65. The right knee joint.
66. The left knee joint.
67. The right ankle joint.
68. The left ankle joint.
69. An articulate surface.
70. The right shin.
71. The left shin.
72. Bones of the left hip.
73. Bones of the right shin.
74. Bones of the left wrist.
75. Bones of the right wrist.
76. The bottom jaw.
77. Cervical vertebras.
78. Lumbar vertebras.
79. Bones of the right knee joint.
80. Bones of the left knee joint.
81. In the chromosome group “B».
82. In a chromosome group. «D.» 

Complaints of the patient noted in computer research led to obligatory execution of series of electrotherapy sessions by the method of  V. Ragel.
The inventor-researcher, author of the method
 » Voldemar Ragel Method — restoration of integrity
of the human body» 
V. Ragel, St.-Petersburg

Regenerative course of electrotherapy by the » Voldemar Ragel Method — Restoration of integrity of an organism of the human body » from 21.05. to 15.06.2007 was carried out. As a result of the  work it is established that:
1. Excellent results on recovery from the basic disease, and also on restoration of an organism as a whole is observed.
2. Excellent recovery from the basic disease and an organism is marked by the boy, and also the parents who in detail with own hand have stated theirs impressions in the visitors’ book: » fine — the boy has started to run, does not get tired, analyses of blood have improved, appetite has improved, began to eat well. The method is unique — after some sessions Ralf became cheerful, could jump, run. Voldemar Dominikovich has made impossible — has changed the life of the boy which only could hardly move, it became very cheerful, does not get tired, freely rises and jumps on a ladder, that before he could not. To us it means very much, that Voldemar Dominikovich has agreed to help our son. Big thanks to you Voldemar Dominikovich, that you have returned a full-fledged life to our son » (parents).
3. The certificate of good state of health and positive dynamics restoration of the patient biochemical analyses of blood is available. Under analyses of city of Riga from 15.03.2007  Kreatinkinaze showed 15560 U/L at norm (26-149), such data were provided by (National medical service laboratory). Ph. Riga, street Grebenshchikova ¹ 1, phone 714-40-15 a name of patient Ralfs Ruperts, a personal code: 270802-20812, the head of laboratory D. Sinkevich. The analysis done 13.06.2007  in hrad office of the City polyclinic # 4 » Biochemical laboratory of Saint-Petersburg, Karablestroiteley street. 21 building. 2, shows creatinin 50,01 mkmoll/l at norm 50-115 mkmoll /l.
4. Upon termination of  regenerative course a computer diagnostics on the lowered parameters revealed prior to the beginning of carrying out of a regenerative rate is lead I e comparative analysis is made.
5. The electric charge in a cell is restored.

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