The letter of Andrey Iakovlevich Gdanovich from 21.09.2005.

The letter of Andrey Iakovlevich Gdanovich from 21.09.2005


Dear Voldemar Dominikovich, I congratulate you with the next through-passing date — time is moving. I’m still at my country house, therefore I’m writing.
I’m still walking with a stick, but more importantly — on my own feel, and sometimes with a bucket of water. And the well is not very near! It’s now 20 years since I was repaired in your workshop, back then with one-needle apparatus.
You remember, I came to you after long treatment in the medical institutions of Leningrad and after prof. Shustin from Palenov institute and prof. Kazmin from the Moscow institute of Pirogov said that only surgery on the spine could do. Prof. Kazmin offered a surgery at his institute after realizing I could not even make it to St.Petersburg. Now 20 years have passed. Thank the Master!
Forever thankful to you,
Andrey Gdanovich

Author’s comment:
This patient is very special to me. This man of very interesting destiny is 82. At 17 he volunteered to the army and went to defend the motherland, he served in reconnaissance unit, spent months in the rears of the enemy, had to lay down in the snow and water for weeks, or.. His komsomol card saved his life when the bullet went through it and stopped close to heart. After the injury began studying. He was at the Victory Parade on 24th of
June, 1945 in Moscow, afterward served on different navy boats and tought students of the high navy academy. In spring of 1990 the first edition of his novel “Cold morning” was published. Long life to you, Andrey Iakovlevich!

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